3 Types Of Digital Marketing For Small Restaurants

As a small restaurant, you rely on your location to attract business and some forms of advertising might not be within your budget. To have the best return on investment (ROI) for your advertising dollar, there are three ways to market yourself that make the most sense.

Local SEO

Harnessing the power of local SEO is probably the most influential digital marketing strategy for small restaurants. Since people typically search for restaurants based on location, not appearing in local searches means you are likely losing business to other restaurants, especially chain restaurants. Be sure to place your geographic location on your website and use your business directory. Although most people use Google for their written and voice searches, you should have a listing in every search engine someone could possibly use. Use natural language when placing location information on your website to help capture voice searches.

Third-Party Apps

Most small restaurants do not need to have an app dedicated to their business, but this does not mean you cannot use an app as a way of marketing. If you have take-out or delivery options, be sure to use food app to attract new business. Many people avoid searching for restaurants through search engines and go directly to apps so they can view menus and food pricing. Even if you do not currently have take-out options, consider incorporating this into your business model just so you can place your business on these apps. You may be surprised at the increase in business if you can appear where people are more likely to find you.

Advertise On Streaming Services

If you have the opportunity to afford television advertising, the best place to advertise will be on streaming platforms. More businesses realize people are not watching over-the-air channels or have cut the cord to cable in favor of streaming services. When you advertise on streaming services, you may have more opportunities to target specific demographics. Your ads can appear in front of people with local IP addresses so you are not wasting your ad dollars. Other ways you may want to send targeted advertising is only advertising during certain times. People are more likely to order food in the late afternoon into the early evening, and they are probably watching their streaming service around this time.

Finding strategies to increase your visibility that make the most sense for your type of business will maximize your ROI. Capitalizing on local searches, using third-party apps, and making the most of streaming services are good forms of marketing for small restaurants. For more information, contact a digital marketing agency near you.